Sea Freight

Ocean freight - plain sailing
via consolidated shipments or full containers, we provide leveraged ocean transportation with industry-best routings

Sea Freight

via consolidated shipments or full containers, we provide leveraged ocean transportation with industry-best routings – including options through our own carrier division – so you enjoy customised service that will be on time and on budget.

Burnard International operates as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), providing customised ocean carriage with competitive contracts.

Our Ocean freight services include:

●  LCL – Our less-than-container load service is a traditional shipping option for small ocean freight shipments not requiring the full capacity of an ocean container. Usually less than 20 CBM (cubic meters), Burnard International creates a “Consolidation” by putting together multiple LCL shipments to serve as an economical alternative to air freight for smaller, less time-sensitive shipments.

● LCL Express – Our less-than-container load express service is a great alternative to existing traditional models. Quicker than your typical ocean LCL, and cheaper than air freight, LCL Express is an efficient way to get your shipments to their destination. Burnard International creates a “Premium Consolidation” that avoids shipping services that tranship the container between two vessels.

● FCL  – Unlike LCL Shipping, FCL means that you have the entire container’s space to yourself and will not be sharing your container with other shippers. Burnard International have long standing commercial relationships with key global shipping lines allowing us to offer you the full suite of FCL shipping options.

● FCL Express – Our express service is a great alternative to traditional transhipping models. By utilizing premium shipping lines who offer direct services, it gives you shorter transit times and reduced exposure to delays as your container is not transhipping between two (or more) vessels.

● Out of Gauge [OOG]  – Burnard International provides OOG shipping for companies that need to get oversized or abnormally shaped products or equipment from point A to point B. OOG is cargo that exceeds the dimensions of a shipping container by length, width, height or all of the above.

● Roll on, Roll off [RORO] – Burnard International have global access to RORO vessels and services designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks and trailers that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle, such as a self-propelled modular transporter.

● Breakbulk  – Breakbulk cargo is defined as general cargo or goods that cannot be transported in or on a container by (seagoing) vessel due to their exceptionally large dimensions or weight. Examples of breakbulk cargo include construction equipment, manufacturing materials, boats, cranes, turbine blades and more. It’s true that attempting to ship oversized and heavy items is more difficult than more standardised cargo, but companies like Burnard International are capable and ready to handle the job.

● Charter Shipping – with long standing relationships with ship-owners and ship-brokers, Burnard can manage full and part vessel charters to move large scale consignments both from port to port and door to door across the globe.

Supplementary services include:

  • Guaranteed Space Allocations on key trade lanes - ensuring your cargo will move during peak shipping times
  • Full Documentation Service, including all NZ Customs and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) biosecurity requirements
  • Under Bond Transitional Facility
  • MPI registered risk management certification 'RMP' warehouse facility to handle animal and dairy products
  • Buyer’s consolidation and vendor assembly services
  • Specialised crating and packing services
Locally-based logistics experts, wherever you need them

You get the best service because we can source the best solutions. The right carriers, The fastest transit times, and all at competitive prices. Our global agency network of local logistics experts is managed and graded against the highest standards of service delivery.

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Our hard-working team makes you the winner

It takes a vast team of global freight experts to make Burnard your single-source shipping solution. We do it all to ensure you come out ahead.

Buyer’s consolidation and vendor assembly

Our buyer’s consolidation and vendor assembly services give importers and exporters more control over their supply chains by allowing them to bundle orders purchased from various manufacturers in a single origin/destination location, into dedicated FCL containers.