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Why consider Burnard International


Every year, you’re tasked to do more with less…

You’re looking for ways to free-up time and resources to focus on what really matters.

We get that.

At Burnard International we’re committed to delivering your goods in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We know that delays can be costly, plants can be shut down, projects cancelled – and profits lost. So, we do whatever it takes to make your shipping hassle-free, including joining with your teams to minimise risk to ensure you get the most from every dollar.

We start by getting to know your business and your individual freight movement and delivery needs. Then, we combine the right suite of freight services with our advanced technology and local support to create your ideal, customised solution.

Why consider Burnard International...

Put simply, Burnard International’s size, commercial structure, specialist approach and comprehension of external market demands places us as a key partner of choice for your international supply chain solutions.

Established since 1982, we have longstanding commercial relationships with shipping lines, airlines, overseas agents, transport providers and government departments.

We have a reputation as a market leader and successfully protect our clients by offering highly effective international freight solutions that lay a foundation for commercial success.

We offer tailored solutions specific to our clients’ needs, suggesting strategic ways to position their business to reap the long term benefits associated with international supply chain objectives.


  • FCL – Express and Economy
  • LCL – Express and Economy
  • Air freight – Consolidated and Express
  • Customs and MPI Boarder Management
  • Project Logistics
  • Buyer’s consolidation and vendor assembly
  • Courier Solutions
  • Ground Freight Solutions
  • Coastal Shipping Solutions
  • Dangerous Goods Shipping (Air / Sea)

Key Vertical Markets...

  • Chemicals (including Haz Mat)
  • Automotive
  • High Tech
  • Irrigation
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Steel and Precious Metals
  • Plastics and Resin Articles
  • Fruit and Nuts
  • Industrial Projects/Project Cargo
  • Optical, Technical, Medical Apparatus

Our points of difference...

  • BSA’s - We have ‘Blocked Space Agreements’ – ensuring your air,  LCL and FCL cargo will move during peak season
  • RATES - We leverage our consolidators economies of scale to provide customers with highly competitive rates
  • COMMUNICATION - We simplify communication by offering a dedicated single point of contact
  • TAILORED SERVICE – We tailor a service package specific to your business to ensure all aspects of our dealings are efficient, effective and reliable for all parties involved
  • INFORMATION REPORTING – We can report shipment information in a range of formats that are most suited to your individual preferences
  • UPFRONT – we believe in upfront communication and working to realistic timeframes
  • MONITORING OF SHIPMENTS – Our internal processes ensure we review your shipment information more regularly than our competitors, creating efficiencies in our exception reporting
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – we offer a dedicated account manager who deals with you for the lifetime of your account to ensure we are always monitoring and reviewing the most viable solutions for your freight requirements
  • EASE OF CONTACT – we dedicate a single operations staff member to field all your bookings globally, this enables relationships to prosper and a specialist understanding of your specific needs
  • BACK UP SUPPORT – we train two support staff members locally who can step in and assist with your business should your dedicated operator be unavailable
  • CONTINGENCY PLANNING – we ensure we have contingency shipping and airline options to mitigate congestion during peak season

We are your single-source solution for all your freight needs - Lets Talk...