Burnard International

Online Connectivity

Burnard International offers a single-platform solution that puts productivity at the center of your global supply chain.


Burnard International understand the value secure-online connectivity can add to your business. From cargo tracking, exception reporting, customs data and document extraction we are your one stop solution.  

We have invested heavily into our Information Technology through our freight management software to ensure we are market leaders - putting you ahead of the game. 

Our freight management software is a single-platform solution designed to increase your productivity and improve integration, automation and communication with the supply chain. It integrates our business with our customers and partners, streamlining processes and increasing the efficiency, visibility and profitability of your operations.

Burnard International's online connectivity solutions meets the diverse needs of multiple industries.  From growing local ventures to multinational corporations, our highly flexible and feature-rich system boosts productivity in everything you do. Whatever industry your business serves, Burnard International offers the smart solution for success.

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