Customs Brokerage

Our team of experienced customs brokers will ensure your shipments are cleared quickly and accurately

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Borders are barriers. Let Burnard International expertly clear your path.

With Burnard, you know that wherever the port of entry, whoever the carrier, and whatever the time of day or night, your goods are being cleared. 

Dating back to 1982, Burnard International have an extensive history of handling customs clearance, from general customs entries through to consultancy on every scale.

Our senior customs brokers will guide you through the process.
Our world-wide network of agencies, backed by our state of the art systems allows you access to a wealth of information your business needs.

Full range of customs brokerage services including:

  • Electronic Customs Entry of Imported Goods
  • Quarantine Formalities
  • Technical Valuation and Legislation Advice
  • Tariff Classification Advice and Listing
  • Consultancy Services
  • Local Transport and Deliveries
  • Duty Drawback Calculation
  • Landed Into-Store Costing Facilities
  • Shipment Monitoring and Status Reports

With our own Licensed Customs Bond Store and MPI Transitional Facility your product stays in safe hands.

Our aim is to simplify the communication and information surrounding complex border regulations so you can keep updated and informed.  

The team at your local Burnard International office look forward to discussing your requirements in greater detail.