Emergency Fuel Surcharge Introduced

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Post by: Burnard Intl.

Most shipping lines serving New Zealand, both inbound and outbound – in response to escalating bunker (oil) prices -have given notice of "emergency fuel surcharges".

The surcharges are being declared as variants of EBS (emergency bunker surcharge), EBR (emergency bunker recovery), ERA (emergency rate adjustment), and other similar acronyms.

The effective date for these changes was, in the main - 1 June 2018 – origin port shipment date. Shipments to/from USA will have a start date of 1 July. The surcharges will be shown separately from ocean freight rates.

The quantum for FCLs will generally be in the range between - US$50 per 20’ container, and $100 per 40’ container – to US$75 per 20’ container and $150 per 40’ container.

The surcharges will apply to both tariff and contractual ocean rates, and apply to imports and exports.

LCL rates are likely to rise between US$3 and $5 per weight/measure in all trades.

Lines have further advised that these fuel surcharges will be reviewed monthly.